The Strategy Session…

The strategy session is an opportunity to speak directly with Joan, the Raw Kitchen Magician, to get clear on what is your next best move into the raw-food lifestyle of your choice.

This session is for you, only if you’re…

  1. Wanting to incorporate a high-raw diet (60-100% raw food) to have vibrant health;
  2. Willing to invest in your vibrant health; and
  3. Committed to the adventure of creating lasting change.

I have time for six sessions on Fridays between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (calls start on the hour and last 15-45 minutes).  The call is an opportunity to decide whether working directly with me (Joan, the Magician) is your best strategy to accomplish your raw-food lifestyle objectives: it is not intended to be a free coaching/consulting session.

Please do not sign up for one if you don’t fit the description listed above. 

If a strategy session is for you, then please fill in the message section below as follows:

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your raw-food lifestyle objectives;
  • Provide the best range of times for a call; and
  • Include your phone number.

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