Warming up to it…

I’ve done a lot since the last post.  Most of it prep and thinking (my barriers to actions).  Some days, I only want to put food in my mouth that nurtures my body and then there are times that I be hankering fierce (like addiction withdrawals) for the junk food.

So here goes…

I’ve started back to morning Hot Yoga – 60 minutes of movement in a sauna.  It’s great, when I get done I have so much more movement in my spine and knees.  I walk around with enough swag (or maybe I should say wag – as in my tail) that I feel like I can do anything.

I’ve purchased some raw multivitamins and other supplements for joint health.

I’ve scheduled a check up with my doctor, something I haven’t done for years (I go in today).

I started drinking Energy Soup in the morning.  I think it was introduced by Ann Wigmore, and is great for so many reasons.  It’s a combination of the best foods for us, packaged with enough good flavor elements to make it all savory goodness!  I blend the following ingredients together: Rejuvelac (a fermented beverage – from grians), Kvass (the liquid resulting from the fermenting cabbage, beets and onions – kinda salty – so I use lots of it), Sprouts, Lemon Juice, Greens (switch out your greens), avocado and see vegetables (I use Kombu, Dulse and kelp).  The picture doesn’t quite capture it, it’s way prettier than what I’m pouring out of my blender.  But it conveys the idea of energy soup, of how thick, creamy and vibrant it can be.

And now I’m thinking about drinking wheatgrass juice again.  Hmmmm… We’ll see.

I’m feeling in a better place and about myself and this journey.  I’m not trying to do the crazy only-one-way to do it.

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