Going from a primarily cooked diet to an all-raw or high-raw can come with detoxification or a “healing crisis.” A raw diet is high in energy and low in toxic by-products, so the organs of detoxification, namely your LIVER, has the energy to pull toxins from their long-term storage places and process them for elimination.

Experiencing a harsh healing crisis, detoxing, is dependent upon your health status (abuse of drugs, alcohol, sugar…, age, chronic illness…) and on how high-raw you intend to go. See the chart below to determine the best way to begin your high-raw transition.

So it’s important to learn about how your body eliminates toxins so that you can take steps to help your body easily eliminate the newly liberated toxins. Your main organs/systems of elimination are: Lymph system, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.

There are foods that help your elimination organs perform more readily, herbs/teas that help, breathing techniques, exercises, colon-hydrotherapy… If your systems aren’t effective with elimination, then the toxins can build up and cause you all kinds of physical distress, some of the following are symptons:

Headache/Body aches
Skin Rashes
Lots of others symptoms

There are lots of great cleansing books that can go over how to help your body eliminate toxins, including my book on raw cleansing. So if you’re going all-raw or very high-raw like 90%+ raw – be sure to do your research ahead of time so that you can always have a good experience. See my book, Raw Cleansing, for a review of the ways to help. It’s available as a download and hardcopy (laminated and spiral bound). CLICK HERE for more info.