These are the answers to the questions that are asked (or should be asked)

Living Raw and the Raw Kitchen Magician developed from the needs voiced by people fighting cancer, diabetes and other life-stealing health challenges. The systems developed were for people who wanted to use raw food to overcome the health challenges. The products and delivery of services are gear to be maximally effective. The following questions are the ones that emerged over the past 9 years.

You have to trust your body - it knows at a cellular level what is good for you. The problem is most people don't know how to ask their bodies or how to listen for the answers. Do some research on muscle testing or applied kinesiology - the science of listening to your body. Always do your research. Just be sure to think about the source of the information, it's funding and it's agenda. Lots of mis-information is deliberately circulated.
Eating a high-raw diet can lead to detoxification. The nature of raw food, rich in enzymes and nutrients, provides high quality nutrition and energy to the organs at low cost (less waste/toxins to be processed and eliminated). Without the distractions caused by cooked foods, the organs of detoxification can focus on pulling out toxins from their hiding places (the fat and connective tissues) and place theM in the systems for elimination.  IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU LEARN THE SIGNS OF DETOXIFICATION AND HOW TO HELP YOUR BODY ELIMINATE TOXINS.
You probably won't get all of your needs met by a wholly raw and vegan diet - but neither will omnivores. Food, even organic, just doesn't have the nutrient denseness that it had a few decades ago.  Supplementation is needed.  Supplements for B12 and D3 are popular amongst raw foodists. Just applying common sense principles of moderation, balance and variety. So don't just use kale in your green smoothies, use other greens to obtain variety.
Raw food has some regular playmates - vegan and organic. But raw food has only one limitation and that is temperature - as long as the food is processed below the temperature range of 108-118 degrees farenheit. The only real concern for using animal products is to get the best quality animal product available. As far as organic goes, be as organic as you can afford, just make sure to buy the "dirty dozen" organic only (or avoid).  Google the "dirty dozen" and you should find many articles detailing why to avoid the biggest offenders.
YES! Many people gravitate to the nuts and seeds - trying to get that full and grounded feeling they remember from their "Glory" Days.  But the longer someone stays raw, the easier it gets and the preference shift over time to lighter faire.  But with a heavy reliance on oils and nuts can easily lead to weight gain. 
This was a trick question.  The book really is a SYSTEM delivered in the form of a book.  It's a system to help transform health and make it easy to maintain a high-raw diet.  So how much do you value your health.  Exactly, so the book doesn't cost much at all, and almost nothing in comparison to poor health.  (But at a tangible level, the book costs about $80 to print, laminate and bind, in addition to my time assembling it.)  It's worth every penny at 5 x the price.