Remembering What I Really Want

So I went on my work-trip to Los Angeles and I carried raw food with me in the form of dried black botija olives and goji berries (intending to eat salads to supplement). And then I ate cooked food, the first that was offered to me. My client’s husband offered Korean food and I caved. […]

Raising my bottom

I’m likening going back all raw to an addict giving up their fix. Usually a person has to hit bottom before they are ready to make change. Knowing your bottom is important. Recognizing when you’ve reached it usually involves some kind of pain or catastrophe. I decided that my swollen discolored left leg and foot […]

Fighting for My Life Again

I’m going raw again. My lower left leg and left foot are swollen. The skin on my leg is darkening, thickening and becoming scaly. I’ve seen this in older men who have diabetes. Do I want to go to a doctor and have them tell me that I’m diabetic? NO!!! I don’t want pharmaceuticals to […]

With a show of hands

Picture these seats filled with high-school students, all of them with their hands raised. The question they answered with a show of hands… “How many of you know someone with cancer?” Picture these seats filled with high-school students, half of whom have their hands raised. The question they answered… “How many of you know someone your […]