Okay – I’ll weigh in tomorrow

So I’m working my way back to all raw. Today, I’ll only have one meal in the afternoon and juice if I think I’m hungry this evening.

I’m doing this in the desperate hope that when I step on the scale tomorrow, I won’t weigh more than I did last Monday when I raised by bottom (started all-raw again).

I won’t be leaving town for weeks after that, so by that time I should be sufficiently vested in doing well that I won’t be tempted to eat cooked food, and I commit to telling everyone I’ll be visiting to “not offer me food or to go out” – basically “don’t feed the animals” orders.

I know it seems pathetic even to me that I grasped on the merest excuse to eat cooked food. I want to be strong without having to sacrifice or workout that discipline muscle. I guess that’s really the pathetic part because I know better.

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