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These posts are my random raw thoughts as they relate to raw food or the raw-food lifestyle, whether some event, incident or inspiration that twitched my magic wand.

With a show of hands

Picture these seats filled with high-school students, all of them with their hands raised. The question they answered with a show of hands… “How many of you know someone with cancer?” Picture these seats filled with high-school students, half of whom have their hands raised. The question they answered… “How many of you know someone your […]

Starting with Dessert – Intro to Raw Food

This post is about the foods I use to introduce people to raw food. The foods I use are the raw versions of foods people recognize like chocolate, granola and salad dressing. There is one food that I use, Onion Bread, that most people haven’t heard of, but it is the most well-received item in […]

From the mouths of Babes…

When I started making food with my two young friends, I had no idea what creative genius they would bring to the playground.  Both boys were curious, creative and courageous.  In no time, the tame ReDried beans I had made became a mountain.  And then fresh oregano became trees.  Soon thereafter a ball of papaya […]