Praying for Pauline

So I’m fasting today. Not as a penance for wicked misbehavior while abroad, or my failure to rein it in as soon as I returned home on Saturday morning.

No. I’m fasting for the right reason. For clarity as a pray for a beloved sister-friend who is a medical crisis. I believe that I will fast and pray until I receive a sign to do otherwise. As you read this, please send up a prayer for her.

She’s a 9/11 survivor – the type that are the afterthought, if a thought at all. She’s one of the people who worked just across the street from the World Trade Center. One of the people that weren’t warned just how dangerous it would be to return to work in that area a few months after the attack. One of the people who worked and breathed in God-knows-what-was-in-the-fine dust-powder remaining in the air ducts and all around the office buildings nearby. Almost everyone who worked with her are already dead. So please pray for her recovery or her continued recovery. Thank you!!!

I don’t know how long, I’ll fast. Maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks. It depends upon how soon Pauline can have her surgery.

The one thing I do well is extremes. If I set my mind to it, I can fast on water for a couple of weeks. After the first three days, it’s easy to forget all about food. It’s easy to be afraid to eat again, for fear that this new sleekness will disappear with the first solid meal. So I know I can fast till near the end of the month.

If I feel like I’m too long fasting, then I’ll start juicing greens mostly. And that’s what I’ll do till she has her surgery.

Fasting and Praying.

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