Who needs rules anyway…

They’re made to be broken, right?

So the rules I made for myself yesterday, just didn’t go over well today. So why have any particular rules, as long as I stay raw.

I guess this is my way of not feeling bad about having a few sun-dried black botija olives and a banana after 7:00 pm. I got busy with work and crossed over into after-7:00 without realizing it. I’d only had a salad for lunch, and I was resenting that I missed my deadline.

I notice, however, that I didn’t say I was hungry. So this is an appetite/habit thing. I’m used to eating or being able to eat whenever it occurs to me. No restrictions or discipline required. So I resented that I had placed a rule on myself.

But self-recrimination is a bitter spice to put on a banana. So after the first bite, it just wanted to become a lump in my throat.

My body is responding to the promises I made to myself (aka my rules). It wants to keep me in INTEGRITY. My body needs notice that I’m going to change the rules.

Who would have thought that I would have to explain and give notice to my body after making a declaration?

Wow. The body is an incredible creation. I can see that the way to my health is communication and integrity with my body.

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