Day 2 – Water Weight

So I lost 4+ pounds since going all-raw yesterday. Most of it was probably water weight, but I’ll take it as a huge victory.

I came up with a few rules for myself on the first day: 1) take a picture of the food before I eat it; 2) don’t eat after 7:00 pm and 3) when thinking about food – go to sleep and dream about it instead.

It worked well enough the first day. I’m believing it will work well again.

Yesterday I ate one meal – a big salad for lunch. So I’ll repeat that today and see how I feel. I have to go out of town tomorrow, something that’s dangerous for my newbie-raw-mentality because I love eating out in other cities, the worst part of going all-raw for me. But if I stick to my one big salad for lunch plan, I should be fine.

My job is to announce to everyone around me, “don’t fee the animals” – no just kidding, but not really. I had to tell my sister today – “no, I can’t join you for beef and broccoli, I’ve gone all raw.” She was both a bit disappointed but happy that I’m regaining control over my health. That’s the second worst part of going all-raw – not being able to eat the same thing with my family.

But I’m at a point that it would be dangerous to think I could just have a little bit of cooked food with the family and that I would get back on the strict and narrow the next day. Addictions don’t work that way. For me it has to be all, because I’m all or nothing, and nothing ain’t serving me well.

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