Raising my bottom

I’m likening going back all raw to an addict giving up their fix.

Usually a person has to hit bottom before they are ready to make change. Knowing your bottom is important. Recognizing when you’ve reached it usually involves some kind of pain or catastrophe.

I decided that my swollen discolored left leg and foot was my bottom. I didn’t want my bottom to be a stroke or heart attack or a diagnosis of diabetes. So I raised my bottom.

Something caused my awareness and willingness to shift. My soul-sister gave me some red algae goop that stains everything, including my lips, because it was a miracle of nutrition – stuff no longer available in land foods. She was terrified of what my leg was saying to me. She was hearing it, while I had ignored it.

I think this helped clear the fog in my thinking, my insanity (you know, keep doing the same thing and expect a different result).

I woke up this morning – still Day 1 of “fighting for my life again” – and said, I’m done. (It was purely coincidence that today is a Monday – usually I like to start my diets on Mondays). I thought, “what would my life, vibrancy, body be like if I only ate what was good for me.” If I went raw, and juiced, and took all the supplements and superfoods that I regularly purchase (meaning to do good). I thought, “this puffy, darkened and scaly leg would send most people running to the doctor, would make them do anything to avoid the fate that it portends.

Thanks to my soul-sister’s gift of concern and the red-algae-goup, I raised my bottom. While there’s still vitality and energy in my body, I can turn things around. It makes me think of the carnival ride where you’re spun around stuck to to the wall of the ride while the bottom lowers. Even when the ride is fun-scary, the relief experienced when the floor rises is humbling.

I know that within a few days, the energy and the momentum of doing the right thing will take hold of me and I’ll begin sailing through the raw the all-raw lifestyle.

For now, I’m just thankful the bottom raised up to meet my feet.

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