Raw-Food Lifestyle Intensive

Raw-Food Lifestyle Intensive

I absolutely love the intimacy of staying in a house with 5-7 students for a week of exploring all the aspects of the raw-food lifestyle.  It’s a 6-day course that has at least ten 4-hour sessions.  But the lifestyle takes place all around those sessions, coming in the morning when we make breakfast and check the sprouts, and flip things in the dehydrators – that’s the real life part.  It’s the clean-up and making sure all of the sprouting and fermenting projects are settled for the night, after the evening session is over.  Real life.

It’s an opportunity to see how a 100% raw life can be easily sustained.  And all throughout the sessions, no matter what the class is about, the mindset of creativity and pragmatism abounds – the two qualities that ensures that frustrations are only temporary and that satisfaction is inevitable.

Ten 4-hour sessions equate to each student having plenty of hands-on opportunities to customize their food to suit their health objectives. All aspects of the raw-food lifestyle are covered, including entertaining and work/travel raw food.  The Intensive concludes with the students helping to teach a Quick-and-Easy Raw Meals class.  Click on the curriculum below to see tentative class schedule.

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Spring Intensive 2021:  April 18th – 24th

Summer Intensive 2021:  July 18th – 24th

Autumn Intensive 2021:  October 17th – 23rd

Winter Intensive 2022:  January 16th – 22nd

Location: San Diego, California (Address TBA)
Class Size: Limited to 5-7 students

Without the cost of housing, the tuition of $1699 per student includes the following: instruction, food, apron and a hardcopy of The Raw Kitchen Bible.  Housing will fluctuate between $400 – $750 depending upon accommodations.


Please email joan@RawKitchenMagician.com for availability and housing prices.  And if you have questions whether this Intensive is the right course of action for you, please schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation with Joan, use this link: https://www.scheduleyou.in/NYnLCB.