God Help me – I’m on a 30-day Juice Cleanse

Okay, so now I’m going through it. Withdrawal. From food and chewing.

I started my juicing cleanse yesterday, on Monday. All good diets start on Monday or the first of the month or the first of the year. Why? Because we need time to get adjusted emotionally to our new state of consumption. Going 100% raw two weeks ago was a breeze in comparison to going all juice.

I’m preparing to do an all out cleanse for the month of October.

I’m using a total body cleanse by Blessed Herbs and the first 9 days is a colon cleanse, then, then liver/gall bladder, then kidney/lung and last blood/lympth/skin. All my organs of detoxification are going to get detoxified. So I started a couple days early by doing just juice.

I’ve cheated, but to make it so that I don’t feel bad, I blended up the food and drank it or spooned it. I put a salad, sauerkraut juice and an avocado in the blender and spooned away. I never new how greatful I would be to have soup. I just needed something to cling to.

This morning I made a green juice with cucumber, fennel, chard, kale, celery, lemon and asian pear, then I blended it with fresh spouts (pea, sunflower and buckwheat). It was the best green smoothie I’ve ever made. I felt satisfied.

For a while.

Then I started getting tired and irritable. Withdrawal again. I was ranging through my kitchen thinking that I’d give anything to be able to chew something. I ate an avocado and some fresh alfalfa sprouts. I can laugh now as I think of those small sprouts being gobbled up like how I used to eat french fries.

I can’t wait to the urge to eat, chew, has passed. I know that doing this cleanse is an important part of taking off much of the weight I’ve put on over the last four years. The fat is a repository for toxins. If I don’t first get rid of the toxins, my body isn’t safe to get rid of the fat.

So I look forward to my attitude catches up with my intentions and I’m happily reporting on how euphoric I’m feeling on my cleanse juices, smoothies and soups. Or more realistically, after the cleanse reporting how much better I feel.

PS – I’m doing the juicing and cleanse as a part of my overall plan for weightloss – I’m not doing it because I didn’t meet my target weightloss goal of 10 lbs. in two weeks.

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