Heading in the Direction of Balance

I picked up a friend at the airport tonight.  He was hungry and wanted pasta. So I took him to a local beloved Italian Restaurante, Lido’s. I was hungry too. And I really wanted something other than what I’d been having everyday which was a slightly sweet green smoothie or energy soup. He ordered lasagna and I ordered marinara sauce (vegetarian).

It was hot and savory. God, it was good. I savored it and ate it slowly, allowing the heat and the flavors to get all they attention they so richly deserved.

So I broke my commitment to be 100% raw through to the new year. But I’m at peace with it. I divined that I had to feel and learn “balance” in order build and sustain a lifestyle around it. I have no regrets about eating that cooked marinara sauce. The scale is only one component. My relationship with food is the component that Is most in need of change and monitoring. Making the dining experience I shared with my friend into a bad thing, because I ate a cooked bowl of soup, would be a stepped into the “out of balance” realm.

The last thing I want to do is come out of this raw period like a slingshot boomerang and go back into being out of control. I think creating new neural paths and association to balance while I’m in this reformulation period is great. If I find myself at Lido’s a couple of times everyweek, then I’ll know that I’m still out of control.

All of this is to say that I’m just a human being trying to make the most of this life; little different than most everyone else.

Thanks for caring enough to read on.

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