Just Ask…

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

God, the Universe, whatever is out there that cares for our existence, is responsive.

I decided that change must happen – I had to shake this lethergy and prison of fat.

I didn’t exactly know how.  But my intentions were broadcast and the response has been incredible. Since my decision, everyday someone or some message has been delivered to help me.  I’m going to blog about each one of these events because each one touches on what’s needed for me to be in balance, to allow my soul to thrive, to live the life I want to live, and to be the congruent messenger that I’m intended to be.

– Friday: My fairygodmother – Roxanne Marie

– Saturday: A great class

– Sunday: Discovering “Drop Dead Diva” – TV Show

– Monday: My Kabbalah coach session – Brenda Citron

– Tuesday: My soul brother – Christopher Maher

– Wednesday: Paid to Exist Message – A blog post entitled “Stop waiting to live: Radically reclaim your aliveness now…”

– Thursday: An energy healer session – Steve Dawson (and Visit with Bonnie)

This bounty of support and caring has made me realized is I am so loved and supported.  And it only took asking, for me to see the response.  I just have to recognize it.  This can be hard when I’m wearing my thorn-rimmed glasses.

This makes me believe that everything our hearts desire is available, we just have to have the desiring eyes to see it.

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