The only requirement for food to be “raw” is that  it’s processed below 118° F – that allows for a world of raw culinary possibilities.

Nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and some grains and legumes, can easily be transformed into breads, burgers, crackers, granolas, dressings…  Raw food is normally accompanied by its two BFFs, Vegan and Organic, but neither is required for food to be raw.

Making raw meals can be quick, just by having some of the pantry items, shown above, on hand in your pantry.  Simple raw meals can be made in 10 minutes or less.

You can even create whole menus around foods that serve your health objectives like the example of beauty and sexual vitality foods shown below.  When you process your food from whole to finished product, the ingredients are actors and you are the director.  Why not create menus and recipes that truly serve you and your family.

Here’s an example of what a 100% raw week can look like, followed by what a 60% raw week can look like.  A high-raw lifestyle lies between 60 – 100% Raw.  You can find whatever is comfortable for you, for now.  You can always re-evaluate and make change over time.

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