Sleep tight, don’t let the …

This is a strange confession coming from a raw-food lifestyle teacher but.. After class I have the urge to go out to eat cooked food – and most of the time I used to indulge. Last night after class, the urge hit me. I wanted something that was savory and substantive and ethnic. Visions of my favorite curry restaurant or Mexican drivethru danced in my head.

Only, I’d made the commitment to remain 100% through the end of 2014.

And for a minute I felt a resentment for the loss of freedom to eat anyway I wanted to.

So I went to sleep on those urges and resentments.

I woke up feeling good, light, clean and proud.

Now I understand that phrase “Sleep on it.” It’s a waiting period that allows your desires to be overshadowed by the satisfaction, integrity and congruency that comes with keeping your word.

There’s little more important than being able to trust yourself.

So, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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