Would you use burnt wood to build your house?  No, because the lack of strength and integrity would not support the building.  The same question should be asked of the materials you use for building your body.  Fire destroys.  Period.  Cooked food can taste phenomenal, but it should be a small fraction of a health promoting diet.

The direct benefits to the individual are listed above – a high-raw lifestyle is the fountain of youth.  Your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to flourish, at minimal costs.  It’s a cleansing rejuvenating diet that creates boundless energy.  Energy is like money (is more precious than money) and with enough of it, you can do anything!

The greatest benefit is the health and vitality of our future generations.  The benefits for those around you are two-fold.  The first benefit is that you’re teaching by example how to responsible for your health.  The second benefit is that you’re helping to improve the health of future generations.

Our children are affected at a genetic level by what we eat.  Just look at the chart below that makes the connection between the increase in adult-onset diseases in our children, as well as the proliferation of diseases like ADHD, and Autism in our children.  It’s related to how we, as a society, have been eating since post World War II.

So WHY RAW?It’s about so much more than your own personal vibrant health, it’s about improving the health of our future by our example and the genetic gifts to our children.

So just add more raw.

But be smart with how you start on your raw path.  A high raw diet may lead to acute detoxification depending on your health (if it’s bad) and how raw you want to be (80-100%).  The sicker, older, more abused with toxins (drugs, alcohols, sugar…) you are the more likely you are to experience the uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification.

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