WARNING – What’s in a Label?

Doesn’t a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?

Not anymore. Labeling has become a means of trickery and deception. This is the real shell game. “Watch the words, not the deeds, keep your eye on the words. See, no preservatives or chemicals on the food.” (LOL, but we coat the bag so that the spinach looks fresh).

GMO – OMG! That’s some scary stuff. The people of California were defeated in their attempt to require GMO labeling, but the world is voicing its distrust of the science behind splicing the genes of an octopus into a potato so that it will glow at night when it needs water. Waking up, getting the crust out of our eyes. Seeing that bee populations are dying in great numbers because the plants they’re sipping from are GMO’d and their little bodies aren’t adept at adaptation, or maybe it’s because their lifespan is so short, that we’re in danger of endangered bees.

Levels of Organic – there are different labeling: Natural, Sustainably Grown, Organic, Certified Organic… How do we really know anyway? That’s the question I get frequently. See this post by Hungry for Change and it’s related articles to learn more.


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And lastly – Chem Trails. Even if everything else is pristinely organic, we’ve got planes flying by dropping loads of God-Knows-What into our atmosphere, coating the ground and plants, getting into our water systems, landing on our skin… If you care to know more about Chem Trails, do some homework. If you don’t want to know, skip the homework.

It could be easy to get overwhelmed and think you can do nothing. But that’s not the case.

1: You can do as much as you can to influence the quality of your food: research the companies you buy from, get good (heirloom) seeds and grow your own, eat a high-fresh-raw diet, and process and preserve your food yourself.

2: Know that the human body is an indescribably-marvelous-awesome-incredible-creation that it was designed thrive, survive, heal and adapt. All we need to do is to stop the toxins and provide it with good building blocks: good food, good movement, good thoughts and routine cleansing. With a strong immune system, the body can survive individual and environmental assaults.

3: And know that we have the most powerful tools at our disposal: prayer and intention. Pray over your food, or pour your intention into it. Intend for it to be a nurturing gift to your body and accept as such. Be appreciative of every step of the process that brought the food to you. Eat consciously. Create rituals around meals like sitting down (not standing, rushing, driving, meeting, multi-tasking), eating in silence, chewing your food to liquidation before swallowing… Think of eating and receiving nourishment as sacred.

4: And then don’t worry about it. So whatever you eat or drink – whether you consider it “good” or “bad” – the best thing you can “don’t worry, be happy.” Worry equals stress equals acid equals compromised health. So skip it and move on.

But the most important label is the label that you put on yourself.

Be careful of labeling yourself something that will make you closed off, afraid, isolated and a vigilante. Too many people lose the benefits of their healthy lifestyle by labeling themselves something extreme and then feeling obligated to police and pass judgment on other people’s practices. I’ve met some strict vegans and Orthodox Jewish women who, rather than looking vibrant and happy, appear haggered, suspicious and righteous – neither a good look or enjoyable to be around.

To summarize, all you need to know about labels is CLEANSE, PRAY and MOVE ON! It’s the only way.

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