Meet Joan Jackson, the Raw Kitchen Magician…

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Raw food saved my life and I want to return the favor by helping people eat more raw food.  I’m blessed to have had the experience and compassion to create a system to make the raw-food lifestyle simple, satisfying and sustainable.  I didn’t cook before going raw, I didn’t (and still don’t) like to be in the kitchen, I didn’t have a lot of time (single mom and attorney), and my son hated raw and organic food, so I had no support at home.  Despite that, I made the raw-food lifestyle work and I lost over 110 lbs and kept it off for more than 8 years and reversed several health challenges.  So I can share a few tips, tricks and shortcuts to keep it real and keep it quick. Here are my promises to you:

  • If it takes more than 10 minutes, I won’t teach it
  • If it doesn’t pass my mess-benefit analysis, I skip it
  • If it’s frustrating, then I simplify it, re-tool it or get rid of it
  • If it’s important or prevalent, I create a system for it

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  • Ask a simple raw-food lifestyle QUESTION and I’ll answer in my ALAKAZAM blog
  • Attend the monthly Raw-Food Lifestyle INTENSIVE in beautiful San Diego, California
  • Request a free  STRATEGY SESSION to determine your best next move



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