Feeling Strong and Solid

This was Day 26 of my 28-consecutive-day commitment to do a special set of exercises.

Doing my exercises this morning, for the first time I felt like my mind and body really clicked and worked together. Many times I’ve just gone through the motions and my mind was elsewhere and I would realize that I hadn’t applied the pressure or resistance required to get the full benefit from the exercise.

But today, I was just on it. I was aware of my body’s positioning and the opposing forces I was applying. And I felt strong and solid.

I think my body hasn’t been sure that I meant to hang out, to be in my body regularly, that this wasn’t just a fluke. Most of the time I’m in my head, totally disconnected from my body. I’ve been told by my psychic that my body feels abandoned and that’s why I’ve packed on fat, as a protection (like a child hiding under the covers when she realizes that no one else is home).

Feeling that connection makes me want to reassure my body that I mean to pay attention to it and be here for it.

I look forward to keeping my promise of doing my exercises, not just everyday, but in the morning.

I welcome the coming pleasure and trust that my body will experience as my will becomes more disciplined and I spend more time in my body.

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