Getting Used to Nothing

I completed my 28-day commitment to my exercise program on Sunday, the same day that I completed 4 weeks of a 100% raw diet.

I lost 15 pounds.

But the most important benefit was the trust that I gained in myself and my word. The second most benefit was that I re-introduced movement into my life and I’m looking forward to continuing, only now I’m stepping up my commitment to do my exercises in the morning while I have my best energy and undivided focus. The third most benefit is that I got introduced to Nothing.

Living without my crutch of food forced me, on a few occasions when I wasn’t running around with my busy-ness, to be in the presence of Nothing.

Nothing was uncomfortable.

Nothing was revealing.

I wanted nothing to do with it. I had to have something.

I had a session with my Kabbalah coach, Brenda, and we talked about Nothing. She put a new spin on it for me. Nothing is where God is. Nothing is good. Nothing is desirable. Nothing is a place to hang out and learn something.

I’m still not completely used to Nothing, but I’ll be more mindful next I have nothing to do or think about.

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