Like I’m Worth It!

A big smile is on my face as I write this post.

I stood up today from my exercises without grabbing a chair for support. I didn’t even think about it, I just stood up, and then it hit me what I’d done.

I’ve attain a new level of freedom. I’ve gained enough in coordination and strength (mostly mental) to stand without support.  I’ve lost 4 pounds since my last post on Monday – that’s nice – but not nearly as meaningful as standing up freely.

Once I had my AHA moment on Monday – the realization that I have to act like I’m worth the effort – doing my daily exercises hasn’t been difficult.  Sometimes finding the time to do them is difficult as I live at my business, where people come and stay with me for days, weeks or months, so there’s always someone who’d like to have my attention. But now that I’ve decided that I must get my exercises in early in the day, I find myself getting antsy if I’ve gotten to the afternoon without doing them.

I’m feeling so much lighter, cleaner and brighter, that I’m thinking of ways to get more sprouts and sauerkraut into my diet – actually looking forward to it. I eat mostly fresh raw foods with a few pieces of onion bread and coconut wraps mixed in. I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and a few handfuls of nuts and seeds. And the longer I’m away from my 30-40% cooked food diet (away from my addictions), the better the all raw diet is feeling.  I’m getting to the point where I wonder why I eat cooked food at all, since this raw diet makes me feels so good (then I remember the comfort, the convenience and the communion with loved ones – basically all my conditioning – and then, oh yeah, that’s why).

But for now I’m going to ride this raw upward spiral of eating well and exercising more – happily – like I’m worth it.

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