We, the People, used to grow/raise our own food and ferment or preserve it.

Now, most of us are at least two generations from knowing how to produce and preserve our own food. We’re mostly dependent upon the food industry for just about everything. And we’re dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry for everything else.

What’s happened and happening to our food? There are so many issues and allegations swirling about: pesticides, herbicides, hormones, steriods, mad-cow, antibiotics, hybridization and genetic modifications.

If you’re on this site, then these are concerns you’re probably already familiar with.

But what do you have the time/energy for? Learning more? Telling someone else about it? Doing something? Supporting a group that’s doing something? Prayer? Anything but resignation, please!

I’m going to do some research and start blogging about ways to learn and do more. I receive regular emails from Food Matters and the Thrive Movement. I’ll share all the resources and information I’ve encountered, and I encourage you to comment and share the resources you’ve encountered.

Food Matters and Hungry for Change Websites – Great Articles and More…

Learning more about our food

Thrive Movement for Documentaries, Activism (Local and Larger) and More…

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In the meantime, let me suggest prayer. The power of prayer is phenomenal. So if you can’t afford or can’t find “natural, sustainably grown, organic or certified organic” food, you can still insure that what you put in your body can benefit you. As you touch and prepare your food, as you eat it, appreciate the gift of life it provides you. Eat in silence, chew and savor until it slips down your throat, intend for it to nourish your mind, body and spirit. And so it is and so it will be. Amen.

Our health and the health of future demands action at the individual, local and national levels.  Please don’t let “resignation, acquiesence or doing nothing” be your action.

It’s time to pray, learn and act.

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