This post goes back to “Just Ask” – I promised to share the gifts that were given to me when I called out for help. The first to answer was my friend Brenda. Brenda just happens to be a Kabbalah coach and she offered to help me.

I accepted and we began working together of helping me to figure out a new path from where I am to where I’m purposed to be.

Brenda’s listening and discernment skills are exemplary. She could hear things in my tone and use of words that told the story that I wasn’t consciously trying to tell. With her help and guiding questions, I’ve learned a lot about my processes.

In our session yesterday she taught me the significance of Yom Kippur – cleansing. Emotional cleansing: reflecting on how we’ve been in the world with our thoughts, words, actions, values… A time to see if how we’re being is in harmony and integrity with ourselves and our relationships with others. A time to just see for what is. Not judge or damn. Just see. A time to forgive ourselves. A time to decide if we want to do anything different. A chance to go into the next period with a clean slate.

When I started the session with Brenda, she shared with me that the word “sparkling” had been dancing in her head all morning.

We hadn’t had a session in 6 weeks, so I thought that “sparkling” was amazing because for the last 3 weeks I’d been cleaning and detoxifying all aspects of my life. I’d gone 100% raw (with the last week 100% juice), started a total body cleanse with herbs, hired two strong men and a huge dumpster to cleanse my garage, workshop and yards (the Healing House is on 1.5 acres and is 125 years old, so it accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the decades), and I decided to clean up my language (I noticed how often I used swear words).

I’m sparkling (no longer willing to be clogged) on many levels. I feel new and renewed. It feels like this start will go the distance because I’ve cleared out so much trash.

It’s an upward cycle of energy.

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