In the Zone

I’m finally in the place where food isn’t important.

It happened yesterday. I’m not sure if it was a low-level depression, or just tired, or detoxification taking hold of me. But I didn’t care about eating.

In this place, I know that I can go the distance of the 30-day juice cleanse.

It’s strange to make food and serve it to people, as I did last night at my class, without tasting it. But the beauty of my class is that I always have the students taste the food at each main stage and tell me what they think. So it was okay for me to not taste.

There is something strange about either being very controlled or being out of control. I can get into this zone and do the master cleanse (lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne) for 40 days, or I can eat whatever, whenever.

My goal is to find the path to moderation and balance, while I’m still in this zone. I don’t want to leave the juice cleanse and go back to my “anyway” of eating (as long as I’m 60+ percent raw).

I have a book that I’m going to read, The Yoga of Nutrition, that I believe can help me. I’ll blog about it when I’ve finished.

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