Transcendence via Sauerkraut Juice?

I broke my apple juice fast yesterday. It was heaven to have something savory and slightly tart – almost orgasmic.

After 7 days of apple juice almost anything with salt would have sent me into raptures.

But sauerkraut juice brought so much more to the table than just salt.

It was seductive – whispering to me that I could eat the kraut – “it’s okay, it’s full of probiotics.” I listened and began chewing the carrots. It was ambrosia – chewing, texture. Then I remembered my promise to myself. I wanted to juice for two months. The fact that I got a break from my apple juice didn’t mean I could just eat anything. I spit out the carrots after extracting all of the juiciness.

My cleanse continues. According to the instructions on the cleanse, I can begin eating solids again, but I want to stick to my promise of juicing, or more generally, liquids (which includes juices, liquified and blended foods).

So I can have the krauts, in a blended soup.

It’s amazing what a lack of texture can sharpen all the sensors on your tongue. I’m currently teaching my Raw-Lifestyle Intensive for October, and the class wanted to make a curry spice mix. One of the last ingredients included was sun-dried shredded coconut. As soon as I tasted the mixture I could feel the fat from the coconut coating my tongue. I’d never felt that before.

As I was writing this post, it occurred to me that I’m inching towards my crutch again – eating for comfort and distraction. Fat and salt – the defining elements of comfort food. Two posts ago, I shared the discomfort I felt being alone with myself (normally I have business or food to distract me). I rushed to get busy when I realized that I felt lonely. After this realization, I didn’t take any real time to explore that feeling, other than to write a blog post about it.

And now at the first opportunity to ditch my pure juice (with no fat or salt) fast, I’m trying to justify it.

So what started out as an Ode to Sauerkraut Juice, has become the realization that I need to discipline myself to go the distance and explore the discomfort that comes with being with myself without distractions.

Damn it – ignorance (or maybe denial) can be bliss. Or seem to be.

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