Meet Joan Jackson, the Raw Kitchen Magician…

Raw food saved my life and I want to return the favor by helping others.  I didn’t cook before going raw, as a single mom/attorney I didn’t have much time, and my son HATED raw food.  Despite all that, I made the raw-food lifestyle work and I lost 160 lbs.

I opened my raw kitchen to guests at the Optimum Health Institute (a cleansing facility), to share what I created.  Many of my students had cancer, diabetes and some other disease, and were eating a raw plant-based diet as part of their healing protocol.  Because this was a life or death matter for them, I didn’t have the luxury of being ineffective with my systems or my teaching.

If you are new to raw food, then start with my FREE WORKBOOK.  It’ll help you select the best raw food options for your current priorities and resources (time, money, health…).  Also, sign up for the other two free offerings and my social media sites.

The following mindset is at the core of everything I teach:

  • If it doesn’t pass my mess-benefit analysis, I skip it
  • If it’s passes my mess-benefit analysis, I create a system for it
  • Routine pantry maintenance requires “timing” not “a lot of time”
  • A well-stocked pantry makes raw meal assembly quick and easy
  • Raw food is generous, sensual and responsive to your intentions
  • Creativity is a function of exploring without fear and observation
  • If I experience frustration, then I try using another tool or process

Here’s my basic pantry (I don’t have all of these foods on hand at all times, but I usually have 2 or 3 items from each row).  The quickly perishable foods have red lids.  Most of my foundation items (breads, crackers and granolas) are stored in the cabinets with blue lids.  I can assemble fantastic raw meals in just a few minutes from my pantry.  You can see the inside of my refrigerator and a snapshot of my working raw kitchen.

Click on the image to enlarge.

DON’T FREAK OUT – YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE A KITCHEN LIKE MINE IN ORDER TO MAKE THE RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE WORK (I’ve been told that I have OCD with a side of creativity).  You can make the raw food lifestyle work with so much less.  

I’m not a chef.  Making food is neither my passion or my profession.  I love to eat well and I love to help others.  That’s why I call myself “the Raw Kitchen Magician” – I want to pull a raw meal out of a hat like a magician pulls out a rabbit, I wanted to lose 160 pounds like a magician cuts the woman in half, I wanted to transform kitchens with a wave of my wand.

I want to make and eat beautiful vibrant sensual food, enjoy vibrant health and help others do the same.  Become what you eat!


  • Ask a simple raw-food lifestyle QUESTION and I’ll answer it directly to you and may highlight your question in a LIVE STREAM Q & A session.  My email address is  It might take a few days to respond, but I will.
  • To schedule a free  15-min with Joan, use this link:
  • Attend a Raw-Food Lifestyle INTENSIVE in beautiful San Diego, California

I look forward to helping you to succeed with the raw-food-lifestyle (however you define it) in anyway I can.  Cheers!


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