Raw food saved my life and I want to return the favor by helping others.  I didn’t cook before going raw, as a single mom/attorney I didn’t have much time, and my son HATED raw food.  Despite all that, I made the raw-food lifestyle work and I lost 160 pounds in 18 months.

I opened my raw kitchen to guests at the Optimum Health Institute (a local cleansing facility), and began teaching my systems of organization, routine advance prep, and easy meal prep.  Many of my students had cancer, diabetes and some other chronic illness, and successfully implementing a high-raw lifestyle was a matter of life or death for them.  I didn’t have the luxury of being ineffective with my systems or my teaching.

I’m not a chef.  Making food is neither my passion or my profession.  I love to eat well and I love to help others.  That’s why I call myself “the Raw Kitchen Magician” – I want to pull a raw meal out of a hat like a magician pulls out a rabbit, I wanted to lose 50% of my weight body like a magician cuts the woman in half, and I wanted to transform kitchens with a wave of my wand.

If you are new to the raw-food lifestyle (or a high-raw diet), then start with my FREE WORKBOOK.  It’ll help you select the best raw food options for your current priorities and resources (time, money, health…).

Also, sign up for the other two free offerings and my social media sites.  Beginning in 2021, I’ll start live-streaming, so be patient with me as I get started.  Stay in touch with me and with other raw-foodist online.  Having a support system is very important.  And for live support, consider signing up for a local raw food MEET UP group.  Click on the icons below to go to Social Media Support page.

Everything that I’ve learned and everything that I teach is based in pragmatism.  I’m not willing to spend a lot of time or money perfecting food.  I’m willing to follow a few routines to ensure that I always have a well-stocked raw pantry for everyday raw meals.  The following pragmatic mindset is at the core of everything I teach:

  • If it doesn’t pass my mess-benefit analysis then I skip it, if it passes then I create a system for it;
  • A well-stocked pantry requires “timing” not “a lot of time” – routine scheduling;
  • Raw food is generous, sensual and responsive to your intentions;
  • Creativity is a function of exploring without fear; and
  • Avoiding waste inspires creativity.


Here’s my basic pantry (I don’t have all of these foods on hand at all times, but I usually have 2 or 3 items from each row).  I can assemble fantastic raw meals in just a few minutes from my pantry.  You can see the inside of my refrigerator and a snapshot of my working raw kitchen.

The containers in the frig with the red lids have food that is quickly perishable, this food gets eaten quickly to avoid spoilage, one of the main principles in my “no waste” raw kitchen.

DON’T FREAK OUT – YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE A KITCHEN LIKE MINE IN ORDER TO MAKE THE RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE WORK (I love to organize, I love to create, and I love to teach from home).  You can make the raw food lifestyle work with so much less.

Raw food is so energy sensitive.  It responds to your emotions and intentions.  It’s sensual.  It’s loving.  It’s forgiving.  It likes being touched, so use your hands.  Your energy, your intentions, whatever you put into your raw food will be returned to you.

“We are what we eat” or “we become what we eat” – so why not make and eat the most generous, beautiful vibrant, sensual food in the world.  I look forward to helping with your high-raw lifestyle, however you define it.


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  • Attend a Raw-Food Lifestyle INTENSIVE in San Diego, California

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