What is Raw Foodism?

Would you build a house using lumber that was harvested after a wildfire?

Prolonged exposure to high heats damage or destroy the nutrients, vitamins and the enzymes in food. The value is diminished and the cost of use (toxic byproducts) is increased.

Raw foodism, or eating a high-raw diet, involves eating the majority of your foods, usually plant-based (mostly nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables), without exposing them to prolonged high-heat (processed at temperatures below 118 degrees).

That said… There’s a lot that can be done to transform the look, feel, taste… of raw whole foods with high-heat. Below is a sample week of the life of a 100% raw food.

You don’t have to be 100% raw, most raw foodists aren’t, being a strict adherent to an all-raw diet comes with a few pitfalls too. Balance is important. To keep things in perspective, the average person in the US eats between 10-20% raw food. The average “healthy” person eats about 40% raw food. Most self-identified raw foodist eat between 70-90% raw food. So using the chart above it might look like they eat a cooked entree at dinner with their family everyday…

Because of the increased nutrients and decreased toxic byproducts, the body has more energy. And energy is like money, with enough of it, you can do anything.

Benefits: Apart from the benefits like energizing the body, there are several benefits that are attributed to raw foods. For example, having a raw food diet is claimed to work wonders for health conditions like diabetes and skin diseases. A raw food diet is also known to be instrumental in helping individuals achieve that ‘glow’, which is basically a healthy skin. Raw food diets are also known to help people in good digestion. Raw food diets are also known to be instrumental in the weight loss of an individual..

Side Effects: A high-raw diet may cause the individuals to have a “healing crisis” a detoxification-like feeling, especially if their previous diet was quite heavy in caffeine, meat and sugar. It’s important to get yourself educated on how to help your body eliminate the toxins that get liberated due to the enormous amount of energy the high-raw diet provides (the liver has the time and energy to detoxify the body as it’s not overwhelmed with handling the toxins from the Standard American Diet). Check out my book, RAW CLEANSING for information about cleansing and elimination.

If you are thinking of trying a raw food diet, start with my FREE WORKBOOK on the HOMEPAGE to help select the variables of the raw food diet that best suits your current priorities and resources (time, money, energy…).

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