Raw Kitchen Bible – The Printed Word

This book is a compilation of all the Living Raw educational products – and an absolute necessity for any person who wants to sustain a high-raw diet. Developed for people suffering with poor health, it delivers a broad array of complex information with masterful organization and layman’s simplicity, illustrated with gorgeous photos and clarifying charts. It is comprised of four chapters, each preceded by a chart to help you find your situation with a path to your chosen objective. Designed to grow with you as you progress through the various stages of your raw-food journey.

The photo gallery provides a sampling of the book’s features, including the table of contents.

The Book is meant to go in the kitchen with you. It’s laser printed onto cardstock paper (so if you drop or spill food on it, it can be wiped clean with little or no damage) and the chapter pages are laminated to provide a natural divider and quick access feature. And it’s spiral bound to allow it to lay open flat and to take advantage of the paired-pages.

The Raw Kitchen Magician includes the following chapters:
Raw Preparation: Preparing the Kitchen/Pantry and Basic Raw Food Prep Techniques
The Raw Pantry: Illustrated Recipes for Joan’s Raw Pantry System
Raw Creativity: Systems for Creating for All Comfort Levels (Culinary-Phobes to Culinary-Philes)
Creating Raw Health: Using Raw Food to Reach Health Objectives

Note: Raw Kitchen Magician vs. Living Raw System
The Raw Kitchen Magician is all about the food-making aspects: in addition to including an updated version of the Illustrated Series, it addresses becoming creative with raw food no matter what your culinary comfort level, and how to design your raw food to promote your health objectives… The Living Raw System contains the Lifestyle Guide which is all of the non-food-making aspects of making the raw-food lifestyle affordable, convenient and sustainable.

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