Wow – I’m back at it again

I’ve just completed the beginning of my Transformational Series.  July’s newsletter is done.  While I was working on it, inviting people to join me in the transformational series, I mentioned that I was on the journey too.  I wanted to lose the 60 lbs I’ve put on since my hysterectomy in 2010.  My first thought was that my goal was 128 lbs.  But I didn’t want to make it seem that it was all about weight.  Then I though, “no, it should be size 8, that’s not unrealistically skinny.”  But then some downer voice said that it shouldn’t be about size either – it should be about vitality and health and flexibility.

I started doing hot yoga most mornings (starts at 6:00 am – I kinda like getting up early and doing really good stuff for myself).  Outside of the yoga room – the one with the really big heaters – there’s a sign that reads, your only as young as your spin is flexible.  Whoever wrote that forgot about the knees too.  Kneedless to say, I’d starting feeling really old.  Not wanting to bend over to pick anything up because there was nothing graceful about my mechanics.  And definitely there was nothing sexy about the grunts I emitted.

So my goal was to be able to touch my toes.  If I can get my forward-facing-fanny pack reduced enough to touch my toes, then I will have reached a worthy and politically correct goal.

I was so excited, I even went so far as to put a link to my “presto – cutting a woman in half” blog, so they could follow along as I traversed the journey I was offering to guide them on, transforming their health.  Hence this post.  It’s time to get started again.  I committed before the world to eat between 70-90% raw, which is a definite step-up from my 60-70% raw.  And I committed to a few other things.  So I had to restart posting again on this matter.

It’s been a long while since the last post, I think 6-8 months ago.  Well – I fell off the wagon completely and got discouraged.  It’s amazing how hard it is to pull oneself up when one is under the weight of massive self-recrimination.  But alas, this caught me by surprise and I didn’t have time to agonize about “dieting” or having to account to anyone about what I’m doing with my body.  So it’s kind of wonderful, refreshing and painless.  The flitting thoughts of going out and getting my “last supper of bean, cheese and egg burrito with chipotle mayo, is giving way to the soothing energy that favors just going to sleep over eating (it’s late and dark right now – I could be asleep in the same amount of time to drive across a few streets for my conveniently wrapped Mexican feast.

No worries, I’ll try not to post everyday – unless it’s emotionally critical to share the experience.

PS – I really do have to get on the transformational bandwagon – because in addition to announcing it, I also have a new personal logo (my Raw Kitchen Magician).  I asked the artist to make her a healthy slightly plump woman, like a size 14-16.  Now I need to get there.

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