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We, the People, used to grow/raise our own food and ferment or preserve it. Now, most of us are at least two generations from knowing how to produce and preserve our own food. We’re mostly dependent upon the food industry for just about everything. And we’re dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry for everything else. What’s […]

Keeping My Word

I promised I would share the gifts the universe brought to me when I asked for help. Today I want to share Christopher Maher, my soul brother. I met him in 2006 when I was looking for help with my son, Joshua.  Joshua was always angry.  I heard that this man, Chris, had a way of stretching […]

With a show of Hands…

Picture these seats filled with high-school students, all of them with their hands raised. The question they answered… “How many of you know someone with cancer?” Picture these seats filled with high-school students, half of whom have their hands raised. The question they answered… “How many of you know someone your age with cancer?” Scary picture?  Damn […]

We’re Pottenger’s Cats…

We’re Pottenger’s Cats and we don’t even know it. Over a period of 10 years (1932-1942), Dr. Frances Pottenger worked with over 900 cats, providing them with different levels of raw foods in their diets. To grossly summarize the experiment, the cats were divided into three groups: (Group 1) fed raw milk and raw meat, […]

Just Ask…

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. God, the Universe, whatever is out there that cares for our existence, is responsive. I decided that change must happen – I had to shake this lethergy and prison of fat. I didn’t exactly know how.  But my intentions were broadcast and the response has been incredible. […]

Starting Where I Am Right Now

And now…  For the Magician’s Greatest Trick…  Cutting a Woman in Half. This is a story about a woman who once carried an extra 200 pounds on her short frame. But the story isn’t so much about losing the weight as it is about dealing with the cause of the weight.  Cutting the woman in […]

From the mouths of Babes…

When I started making food with my two young friends, I had no idea what creative genius they would bring to the playground.  Both boys were curious, creative and courageous.  In no time, the tame ReDried beans I had made became a mountain.  And then fresh oregano became trees.  Soon thereafter a ball of papaya […]