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Feeling Strong and Solid

This was Day 26 of my 28-consecutive-day commitment to do a special set of exercises. Doing my exercises this morning, for the first time I felt like my mind and body really clicked and worked together. Many times I’ve just gone through the motions and my mind was elsewhere and I would realize that I […]

Starting with Dessert – Intro to Raw Food

This post is about the foods I use to introduce people to raw food. The foods I use are the raw versions of foods people recognize like chocolate, granola and salad dressing. There is one food that I use, Onion Bread, that most people haven’t heard of, but it is the most well-received item in […]

Transcendence via Sauerkraut Juice?

I broke my apple juice fast yesterday. It was heaven to have something savory and slightly tart – almost orgasmic. After 7 days of apple juice almost anything with salt would have sent me into raptures. But sauerkraut juice brought so much more to the table than just salt. It was seductive – whispering to […]

In the Zone

I’m finally in the place where food isn’t important. It happened yesterday. I’m not sure if it was a low-level depression, or just tired, or detoxification taking hold of me. But I didn’t care about eating. In this place, I know that I can go the distance of the 30-day juice cleanse. It’s strange to […]

WARNING – What’s in a Label?

Doesn’t a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Not anymore. Labeling has become a means of trickery and deception. This is the real shell game. “Watch the words, not the deeds, keep your eye on the words. See, no preservatives or chemicals on the food.” (LOL, but we coat the bag so […]

Keeping My Nuts Fresh

This question was answered for Cindy Laughlin who indicated that her nuts went bad faster when they had been soaked and dehydrated. She wanted to know what to do to keep from wasting such precious foods. I recommend soaking and dehydrating brown-skinned nuts and large seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) in advance of need. They form […]