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We’re Pottenger’s Cats and we don’t even know it…

Over a period of 10 years (1932-1942), Dr. Frances Pottenger worked with over 900 cats, providing them with different levels of raw foods in their diets. To grossly summarize the experiment, the cats were divided into three groups: (Group 1) fed raw milk and raw meat, (Group 2) fed raw milk and cooked meat, and […]

What is Raw Foodism?

Would you build a house using lumber that was harvested after a wildfire? Prolonged exposure to high heats damage or destroy the nutrients, vitamins and the enzymes in food. The value is diminished and the cost of use (toxic byproducts) is increased. Raw foodism, or eating a high-raw diet, involves eating the majority of your […]

Raw Kitchen Bible – The Printed Word

This book is a compilation of all the Living Raw educational products – and an absolute necessity for any person who wants to sustain a high-raw diet. Developed for people suffering with poor health, it delivers a broad array of complex information with masterful organization and layman’s simplicity, illustrated with gorgeous photos and clarifying charts. […]

Wow – I’m back at it again

I’ve just completed the beginning of my Transformational Series.  July’s newsletter is done.  While I was working on it, inviting people to join me in the transformational series, I mentioned that I was on the journey too.  I wanted to lose the 60 lbs I’ve put on since my hysterectomy in 2010.  My first thought […]

The Real Holy-Day Spirit

The Gift of Perspective I received this gift email from Laurie Brusati (content below) which puts the holiday season in perspective.   It’s focused on Christmas and Santa Clause, but the underlying message applies to whatever Holy Day you observe. I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma.    I remember tearing across town on […]

Heading in the Direction of Balance

I picked up a friend at the airport tonight.  He was hungry and wanted pasta. So I took him to a local beloved Italian Restaurante, Lido’s. I was hungry too. And I really wanted something other than what I’d been having everyday which was a slightly sweet green smoothie or energy soup. He ordered lasagna […]

Getting Used to Nothing

I completed my 28-day commitment to my exercise program on Sunday, the same day that I completed 4 weeks of a 100% raw diet. I lost 15 pounds. But the most important benefit was the trust that I gained in myself and my word. The second most benefit was that I re-introduced movement into my […]